Since it entails the reconstruction of a building destroyed in wartime air raids, it was decided to intervene by saturating the volumes with an architecture of classical and minimalist stylistic characters, derived from, but not identical to, those of the historical context, with due consideration for the fact that on the same intersection there already stands a modernist building completely alien to the character of the Brera district, subject to planning constraints.
Since two contrasting architectures in such a small urban space would alter the whole character of Via San Carpoforo, a restrained architectural vocabulary was adopted to ensure continuity without falling into historicist mimicry, deputing the true expressive value of the act of building to the reconstruction of the city block: a minimal choice of respect that was obligatory in this particular case and context.
The pitched roof in line with the adjacent buildings has been reinterpreted with a semitransparent surface made of lamellar elements in terracotta superimposed on glazed parts, so providing natural light for the interior and avoiding the use of dormer windows.
Compared with the original footprint of the lot, the front corner is set further back in order to favor the d├ęcor of the public street, defined by appropriate urban furniture, characterized by a green element which marks the abutment of the previous building.
YEAR: 2009-work in progress
TYPOLOGY: Luxury apartment building
CLIENT: Porta Tenaglia S.r.l.
COLLABORATOR: Simona De Capitani
Milan, Italy