The new project in Via Conca del Naviglio is situated in a diversified area which could be considered an example of a condensed history of the city. The side of the street where the new building will be erected is composed of a continuous wall of 19th century and Modernist buildings, while on the opposite side of the street is a park with the remains of a Roman amphitheatre and several Medieval elements.

In fact, this street was built over one of the important intersections of the Milanese canal system used to connect the internal and external ring canals. In this historically rich context, the new project will be integrated to be cohesive with all the surrounding buildings; the only modification to the shape of the existing building will be a slight change on the internal facade; however, all materials, colours and architectural style will reflect the Modernist period for coherence, a policy frequently adopted by the architects in urban contexts.

The structural height, the connection with the original adjacent buildings, and the important role played by the main facade have been confirmed, while greater freedom is permitted in the reconstruction of the internal courtyard, which was previously tarsealed without any particular features. It will now be converted into a green space. The green planting, accentuated on the roof facing and in the balconies and loggias, is the element that will connect the building with the archaeological park that dominates the surrounding area.

The relationship with the park will be developed even further through the loggias which will form the central element of the main facade, extending the apartments, and providing an exceptional view of the amphitheatre.


YEAR: 2020-in progress
TYPOLOGY: Residential complex
CLIENT: Conca del Naviglio Real Estate S.r.l.
LANDSCAPE: Studio AG&P Milano
COLLABORATORS:Simona de Capitani, Francesca da Pozzo

Milan, Italy