[data]1998[/data]They were commissioned by the city of Leuven in Belgium to design a series of buildings and services for the city and public administration on the disused Philips industrial site. These buildings include new headquarters for Limburg County, new headquarters for the federal police force, and a new sports stadium currently in the final phases of construction. In the same year they were also commissioned to design the “Manifattura delle Arti” in Bologna which includes a new university campus for DAMS, a community library and film theater on the site of the area’s old slaughterhouse, and a restoration of the old bakery factory for a new Modern Art Gallery.

[data]1999[/data]They won the URBAN project competition for university social-housing in Trieste, Italy. The work was completed in 2002. Following the competition entry for the reconstruction of La Fenice Theater in Venice developed in 1997 by Aldo Rossi, they were commissioned to complete the theater’s final architectonic plans and manage the artistic work during the construction phases. The building was inaugurated in 2004 and Arassociati received the International Architectural Theater Prize for their work.

[data]2000[/data]They participated in and won the competition to construct a hotel building for Starhotels in Piazza Fontana, Milan. During the construction they were commissioned to the interior design of the new rooms and of all the hotel’s public parts (Finished in 2008).

[data]2001[/data]They began collaborating with Tiscali S.p.A. for which they were commissioned to design new offices in Milan and to create a site plan for the Sa’Illetta (“Little Island”) in Cagliari, Sardinia. They also won the competition to restore the Cloisters of Carmine in Brescia, Italy, for a new interdepartmental university library. (Finished in 2006)

[data]2002[/data]They were commissioned for the construction of the new Tiscali “Campus” in Cagliari for which the buildings were inaugurated in September the following year.

[data]2003[/data]They won the international competition for the construction of residential buildings and office space on the Müller Martini area in Zurich. The construction was finished in 2007.

[data]2004[/data]Arassociati, in association with Hans Kollhoff, was chosen as one of ten finalists for the international competition for the new Lombardy Regional Headquarters in Milan. Recently, the studio was chosen as one of seven finalists for the competition for the reorganization of the Sforzesco Castle Museum in Milan.

[data]2005[/data]They won the international invited competition for the renovation and expansion of Theatre National Popular in Villeurbanne – Lyon (France) and they were commissioned for its construction.

[data]2006[/data]They was invited for the competition to develop of the hotel’s area inside the new fear of Milan. They also won the competitions for the renewal of Teatro Donizetti in Bergamo and  the competition for the restauration of Teatro Sociale in Camogli.

[data]2007[/data]Arassociati was selected in the final ten architects for the international competition for the new Auditorium of the city of Padova winning the third prize. At the fifth of may 2007 the new Modern art Gallery of Bologna named MAMbo, designed by Arassociati, was opened.

[data]2008[/data]The firm was invited for the competition to develop the residential masterplan in Cascina Merlata area in Milan; they designed two buildings for Benetton Group in Irkutsk (Russia) and in Pristina (Kosovo). The book “Arassociati – TISCALI – Il Campus dell’innovazione” was published by Electa. The firm was in charged to develop the masterplan and the architectural design for the Capo Malfatano Resort (hotels and villas) in Sardinia.

[data]2009[/data]Arassociati take part in Triennale of Milan for the exhibition Benetton “Opening soon”, they are selected in the final ten architects for the international competition the New Building of the Province of Bergamo. They won the competition for the realization of an office-buildings complex in Viale Certosa in Milan. In the same year Arassociati developed the proposal project for the new Ministry District in Oyala, the new capital town of Republic of Equatorial Guinea.

[data]2010[/data]They continue to collaborate with Benetton Group designing other two buildings in Ulan Bator (Mongolia) and in Taranto (Puglia). The studio was invited to the international competition for the new resort Hotel Sandy Lane in Canouan (Grenadine). Arassociati received the prize Hospitality Awards at Eire 2010 for the Capo Malfatano Resort designed for S.I.T.A.S.  Sansedoni Group.

[data]2011[/data]The Benetton Group buildings in Irtskuk and Ulan Bator were finished and in December the Theater National Populaire in Villeurbanne of Lyon was completed and inaugurated. The firm was commissioned for the projects of both the Toto Group Headquarters in Chieti and in Pescara.

[data]2012[/data]The firm was commissioned to design the new headquarters of the Foundation Heydar Aliyev in Baku and work began on the construction of residential complexes of via Varese 19 and Corso Garibaldi 95 in the center of Milan.

[data]2013[/data]Arassociati  design and build the Heydar Aliyev Museum in Baku and they won the competion for the Khojaly Memorial also in Baku. They are also engaged in the development and design of several housing estates in Italy and Europe. The firm was commissioned by the Melià group to develop the whole interior design of Hotel Il Duca in Milan.

[data]2014[/data]The firm was commissioned to design a new hotel in the urban development plan of Porta Volta in Milan downtown district and also to the project of the Azerbaijan Pavilion for Expo Milano-2015.

[data]2015[/data]Was completed the renovation of the Hotel Mé Il Duca in piazza della Repubblica in Milan which was created the whole new interior design; the Azerbaijan pavilion was opened at Expo-Milano 2015. They are being built several residential projects in downtown Milan. The firm was also commissioned to design the new Civic Theater in Rho (Milan).

[data]2016[/data]The firm started the construction of an important residential and hotel resort development on the Caribbean island of Canouan (Grenadines). The new hotel Porta Volta is nearing completion and currently the firm was commissioned for the project of a new building in Milan in the area of Porta Nuova.

[data]2017[/data] The Hotel VIU opens in Porta Nuova, Milan. It begins the construction of the new residential buildings of Porta Nuova Centro and Garibaldi 123. Still located in Milan, Arassociati wins the private competition for another residential building in Via Varese 10. The Carabbean project in Canouan goes on.

[data]2018[/data] Arassociati wins along with Stefano Boeri Architetti and AG&P the competition for the residential complex “Bosconavigli” located in San Cristoforo area in Milan. The construction of the new Civic Theatre in Rho (Milan) begins.

[data]2019[/data] The firm wins another competition announced by SIGEST on invitation in order to design a big residential complex located in via dei Canzi “Area ex-De Nora” in Milan. The construction of another residential building in via Compagnoni 12, Milan, begins. Arassociati is in charge to design the Meysari Hotel and Spa Complex in Azerbaijan.

[data]2020[/data] The studio is among the selected firms for the invitation-only competition for the development of lot R8 at Up-Town Milan and develops the “Milano 5.0” residential project in via San Cristoforo together with Stefano Boeri Architetti. New projects in Milan are also the residential complexes in via Adamello 10, via Rovello 14-16 and the redevelopment of the former Cinema Arti in via Mascagni.