The redevelopment of the plot in question takes the form of the creation of a complex for free residential use comprising two buildings – a low inline building and a tower – organised in a largely open layout and nestled in a vast communal garden. The alignments and relationships inferred from the surroundings define the precise locations of the two building units, with a view to establishing a suitable dialogue with recent neighbouring construction projects and stable urban relationships with the wider context.
The residential portion of the complex contains not only apartments, but also spaces for shared use, and has high-performance and impressively environmentally-sustainable construction features.
The architecture of the façades has rational forms lent a certain dynamism by their orientation, thus carving out a private habitat that is protected yet, at the same time, turned towards the exclusive setting that it is part of.
The lower urban building and territorial tower block are linked thanks to the distinctive design of the private garden, which is intended to form an extension of the park, and they reinforce the hierarchy of the two parts, first and foremost by placing the main entrance in the linear unit on Via Ruggeri and arranging the tower in the centre of the plot; the elevation of the tower that faces the park is shaped by a progressively rising series of openings and loggias which characterise the entire façade. Another particularly distinctive feature of the design comes in the form of the façades made up of alternating planted balconies, which dialogue with the green surroundings.
YEAR: 2021-2022
TIPOLOGY: Residential complex
CLIENT: Beni Reali
LANDSCAPE: Studio AG&P Milan
COLLABORATORS: Cecilia Bottoni, Francesca Da Pozzo, Simona De Capitani, Beatrice Ravicini Bressi
Milan, Italy