The new street-front facade is integrated to align with the adjacent buildings, while the internal development in the original courtyard has been redesigned with spacious, shrub planted terraces in harmony with the surrounding landscaped garden.
The ground floor apartments have private gardens, while the top floor residences have private terraces, swimming pools and planted greenery, creating an exclusive, calm atmosphere. The private, almost secret gardens, hidden in the middle of a busy city, recall the inner courtyards of aristocratic Milanese residences, and in this case, in keeping with the luxury standards of the complex, enhanced with a design based on transparency and the elimination of barriers between outdoors and indoors.
This is a new concept of luxury urban living that includes communal services like a gym, indoor pool, and relaxation area for the exclusive use of the residents. The almost intimate atmosphere of the internal courtyard garden is in strong contrast with the strict precision of the street-front facade, which however, still reflects the basic principles of early 20th-century Milanese architecture, especially the elegant vertical elements that give the facade a classical effect.
Refined quality materials are used on the facade and in the vast entrance lobby in coherence with the residence’s general sense of sophisticated exclusivity.
YEAR: 2017-in progress
TYPOLOGY: Residential complex
CLIENT: V1O S.r.l. – Federico Consolandi
LANDSCAPE: Studio AG&P Milano
COLLABORATORS: Elena Codazzi, Giulia Zambon
Milan, Italy