Repetition, unity and variation are the concepts governing the composition of the Tiscali Campus, rather as if it were a musical score, so that the alternation of voids and solids in the complex can be measured by analogy with the keys of a piano. The set of buildings composing the campus follows a simple concept of the union of elementary parts consistent with the masterplan for the Sa Illetta area of Cagliari, overlooking the lagoon of Santa Gilla, scheduled to accommodate functions connected with ICT.
The buildings, imagined as ships anchored in harbor, are located on the boundary between the lagoon and the sea along the north-south axis and they are linked by a walkway that is repeated as a technical corridor below ground level. The materials used on the exteriors draw on the Sardinian tradition, installed using modern techniques for ease of maintenance.
The ventilated masonry walls are clad with natural stone (red trachyte), with string courses in Orosei marble and basalt introduced at some specific points, set beside or alternating with the marble.
The open spaces, internal gardens and olive groves complement the complex’s environmental integration, as do the artworks that characterize it, testifying to the aesthetic refinement of this new civil development, conceived not only for work.
YEAR: 2002-2003
LOCATION: Cagliari, Sardegna
TIPOLOGY: Offices, conference hall and web-farm
CLIENT: Tiscali S.p.A.
COLLABORATORS: Claudio Masini, Chiara Mangiarotti, Sara Sacerdoti
Italy, Cagliari

Office & Retail