The Sportcomplex is located on the Philips Site. This is a former brownfield site that has been redeveloped in harmony with the concept of extending the agricultural green belt into the city by creating an urban park, in which the offices of some of the urban administrative departments have also been built. The sports complex on one side relates to a landscape of an urban kind, while the main part of the rest of the volume, by contrast, is surrounded by a green public park. The elliptical plan describes a soft outline designed as a light and continuous wave whether one approaches from the larger or smaller axis.
The building has a maximum seating capacity of around 4000 and is arranged in two areas with different uses (sports hall and swimming pools) symmetrically divided by a gallery/foyer, which prolongs the avenue outside and can be traversed freely from end to end.
The design of the building’s envelope, simple but also refined in its essence, suggested a rational and precise structural system, with brick as a key element of the building’s formal appearance, typical of certain parts of Belgium.
The stone plinth that surrounds the building, shaped to adapt to the terrain, heightens and emphasizes the sports hall’s affinity with the park system.
YEAR: 1998-2004
LOCATION: Leuven – Belgio
TIPOLOGY: Sports Hall on the Philips Site
CLIENT: City of Leuven
COLLABORATORS: De Gregorio & Partners
Leuven, Belgium

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