The project in Via Mantegna involved the conversion of an industrial building into a residential complex. The edifice, composed of two buildings, dates back to the early 20th century and housed a printing factory and office spaces. The first building on Via Mantegna is Art Nouveau style and has maintained its use in the services sector, while the second, more industrial building, is located in a perpendicular position, set along the length of the site.
The project focussed on a restoration plan that respected the existing buildings, continuity with the surrounding context, and the use of original materials, especially on the streetfront facade decorated with concrete ornamentation typical of Art Nouveau architecture.
A more radical intervention was carried out on the long building in the courtyard, where the regular division of the window openings was transformed to create a more residential style, with the inclusion of terraces and decorative metal railings that echo the style of the private gardens on the ground floor.
Another transformation, with just as much impact, is the landscaping, very closely integrated with the architecture, typical of Arassociati design. Thanks to an intervention to lower the foundations, it was possible to incorporate two new floors in the increased internal height. This provided a range of different solutions coherent with modern residential standards. Both buildings have been decorated with cohesive materials for continuity, and the communal spaces feature colours and furnishings with a Modernist flavour that reflect the refined quality of Milanese residential buildings.
YEAR: 2015-2019
TYPOLOGY: Residential complex
CLIENT: Sei Via Mantegna S.r.l.
LANDSCAPE: Studio AG&P Milano
COLLABORATORS: Giulia Zambon, Giuseppe Biscottini
Milan, Italy