The project involves the buildings of the ancient courtyard complex at 9 Via Santa Maria alla Porta, particularly those on the innermost part of the lot with their courtyard and associated buildings overlooking the archaeological excavations in Via Brisa and the new square planned at the foot of the fifteenth-century Gorani Tower. This operation entails converting what remains of the walls of the old stables of the complex, seen today as the back of the existing building, into a new scenic front of the public space.
The project proposes the demolition of the existing accretions, so freeing the original arches, which give a form to the reconstruction of the property while incorporating the existing courtyard. In plan, the building develops on two levels with a system of distribution adapted to the shops on the ground floor and the residential units above.
The integration of the building was conceived by devoting particular attention to the treatment of the masonry fabric that identifies various periods and also the new construction. The arrangement of the elevations on the new square has also been extended to the small residential building with a triangular plan that completes the courtyard.
The treatment of the front of this simply plastered block facing the new square included the recovery of the fountain belonging to the garden of the lost Palazzo Gorani, allowing for its location. The building operations proposed necessarily involve the redesign of the façades in question both inside the lot and those overlooking public spaces. In particular, the design of the green areas is a regenerative element which complements the rebuilt architecture, giving a new meaning to the quality of the insertion.
YEAR: 2007
TYPOLOGY: Residential complex
CLIENT: Società edilizia SMP
COLLABORATORS: Pietro Porro, Giovannino Casu, Paolo De Biase
Milan, Italy