Canouan, Saint Vicent e Granadine
The Villas are located in the exceptional and protected atmosphere of the Canouan Resort, on the northern part of the island on the hill overlooking Godahl Bay, facing a splendid coral lagoon and the sparkling Caribbean. The Patio Villas offer sophisticated architecture that combines a breath-taking effect and a subtle equilibrium, drawing a fine blend between nature and structure. Characterized by an open patio, the Villas emerge from precise forms in natural stone, wood and glass; joined together in unique arrangements perfectly adapted to the green landscape and soft hills of Canouan.
The progressive Villas architecture promotes complete involvement with nature through spaces protected by pergolas, feature large panoramic windows and outdoor living areas.The entrance of each villas begins with a sloping path leading to an open patio. In this tropical and protected space the beauty of the nature enters and is transformed first into a central living area then a terrace, finally proceeding towards the sea facing section of the Villa.The central living area’s high-ceiling and sloping roof serve as the fulcrum of the Villa with two bedrooms placed on opposite sides.
These side rooms have varying dimensions taking full advantage of the downward slope created by the island and the interaction of each Villas with the surrounding landscape. To top it off, each Villa displays green roofs for the external spaces.The terrace, with a rectangular infinity pool and Jacuzzi, runs parallel to the living area and blends in the panoramic view of the Caribbean’s turquoise waters with the lush green landscape.
Interior design
The Patio Villas transmit a refined atmosphere through a modern and contemporary interior. The colours and materials are proposed seeking delicacy and progression of tones. Furthermore, two different but equally original styles of habitat were chosen. One style uses bright, luminous tones capturing natural elements in the decor and in the finishing touches; the other utilazes a combination of the smooth colors from warm color-coordinated components highlighted by darker colors with touches of gold or bronze.
YEAR: 2015-2020
LOCATION: Canouan – Saint Vicent e Granadine
TYPOLOGY: Accomodation
CLIENT: Mandarin Oriental
WITH: Elena Borsa Architetti
LANDSCAPE: Marsiglilab
COLLABORATORS: Valeria Matteri, Andrea Piatti, John William Valencia
Saint Vincent e Grenadine, Piccole Antille