Located in the headland overlooking Point De Jour Bay, the villa has an extremely privileged position to enjoy Canouan’s nature, and an view which includes the lagoon and the coral reef. Open spaces, walls in natural stone, and areas characterized by wood and glass are put together and developed in sequence along the longitudinal axis of the villa starting at the great central living area which becomes the fulcrum of the composition.
Each subdivision of the villa follows a precise hierarchy and has a special view which interacts with the landscape and with the ample surrounding external areas. Every room is independent and suitably private, maintaining a close relationship with the panorama, highlighted by a rational staggering to respect the main area of the villa.
The architecture of the complex promotes a progressive and total involvement with nature through spaces protected by pergolas with great disappearing panoramic windows and outdoor living areas mostly facing the sea offering a highly scenic effect.
The Garden
From the parking area, modelled and mitigated in the vegetation, access to the property is through a garden by way of a green pathway which gradually absorbs the slopes and leads to an open courtyard, a truly welcoming area, with wooden floors and marked by a basin with a fountain, pergolas, and by an entrance porch. This large open yet protected space filters the nature in a controlled and progressive way, first through the central living area and surrounding rooms and also embraces the panoramic terrace. The main terrace with a rectangular infinity pool is opposite the living area and blends into the maritime background glorifying the panoramic view. The series of terraces is completed by a wooden deck protected by pergolas with welcoming areas and areas of relax, becoming a sort of lookout point immersed in the green.
YEAR: 2016
LOCATION: Canouan – Saint Vincent and the Grenadine
CLIENT: Private client
WITH: Arch. Elena Borsa Architetti
COLLABORATORS: Valeria Matteri, Andrea Piatti, Sara Puglia, Giulio Ubini
Saint Vincent e Grenadine, Piccole Antille