There is a strong sense of connection in the interior design of this hotel in piazza Duca d’Aosta designed by Aldo Rossi, since the Arassociati architects collaborated with Rossi during the 1980s. There is a direct comparison with the Rossi concept in this project, and one where the exclusive Arassociati style is evident, intensified in this illustration of sophisticated Milanese design.
After its construction, in a certain way, the hotel remained incomplete as the internal decor was furnished in standard hotel style, in strong contrast with the building’s architectural concept. Arassociati’s project has given the hotel a distinctive character, exclusive, but coherent with Rossi’s design, focused on a new distribution of the internal layout and the rooftop, where a new sky garden was created. The redesigning of the internal space has included certain iconic elements such as the elliptical staircase that connects the lobby with the upper floors, and the tall slatted wood elements, in elegant classical order, that line the route from the entrance to the reception.
The hotel’s radical new layout focusses strongly on bespoke furnishings combined with famous examples of iconic Italian design. Each floor is individually furnished in the style inspired by a famous Italian designer. This project was an opportunity for Arassociati to face a challenge concerning its affinity with the design influenced by the history of the hotel; it was planned like a skilfully curated exhibition based on research and reflection. In fact, like a museum layout, each floor offers a selection of classic design products, underscoring the vitality and innovative qualities of the Modernist style, in harmony with a tradition that is a constant aspect of Arassociati design.
The refined quality of the materials, finishes and colour palettes are consistent with the 20th-century Milanese style, creating an overall effect with a clever balance of contemporary design and classical style: Venetian marmorino finish walls, cream and red terrazzo flooring, and bespoke furnishings by Molteni in natural shades ranging from cream to brown.
YEAR: 2013-2015
TYPOLOGY: Restructuring, extension and interior design
CLIENT: Reale Compagnia Italiana S.p.A.
LANDSCAPE: Studio AG&P Milano
COLLABORATORS: Giulia Zambon, Gabriella Cricrì
Milan, Italy