This is the reconstruction of a residential building that was destroyed in the bombings of 1943. The original volumes have been used with a more contemporary architecture, in good correlation with the historical building context and with the sphere of the Urban restoration program “Gorani-Brisa-S.Maria alla Porta”, to which it belongs.
The reconstruction of the city lot and the reconnecting with the existing buildings set, adapting to the height of the gutters, the modern front looking out on the new public square which becomes the privileged side where architecture proposes new relationships. The project occupies almost totally the irregularly shaped lot on the corner of Via Gorani and the open space that was established by the new square. It supports the general will to redefine the rules of perspective and to break up the existing block, through a relationship between the new and the old which is able to express the continuity of the texture of the city.
Following this. it was decided to intervene saturating the volumes with a classical and minimalistic style of architecture, that derived (but are not ) from the historical context. Therefore it was chosen an architectural language imprinted on the stylistic continuity without falling into mimicry of historical accuracy: a prudent choice that respects the background. A few variations between full and empty volumes were introduced on the last floor and in the restoration of the attic on the corner, which brings the building back to the rules of modernity. In the project of reconstruction, as prescribed by the municipality plan that rules the area, the divider along via Gorizia is confirmed.
From here you enter into the building both through the entrance hall and through the mechanized garage. On the ground floor a residential unit was realized and it has been aggregated to the courtyard of the building, in order to be used as a garden by being allocated.
The project considers the use of different levels through residential typologies which, having to accept the architectural and morphological constraints of the nearby buildings, are organized with a single stairway, in order to take advantage adequately of the section of the lot and of the possible views along the public streets toward the courtyard. Regarding the architectural character of the building and the material used for the facades, the project offers a minimal, but keeping a strict connection, comparison to the architectural elements of the Milanese tradition (stone/granite, soft colors for the plaster, wood for the doors and windows, iron for the railings and slanted “terracotta” tiles for the roof). This is seen in that particular environment of reinterpretation of the antique, referred to the design of the details and the construction, able to promote a contemporary stylistic continuity, which is possible in this particular landscape.
YEAR: 2015
TYPOLOGY: Residential
CLIENT: Private client
COLLABORATOR: Simona De Capitani