The project concerns the renovation of an existing building of early 20th century consisting of a central courtyard that joins two units built at different times and inserted into a nineteenth-century block with a typical street front characterized by a great decoration, while the internal courtyard’s facades don’t follow the same architectural composition. The main theme of the project was therefore to give uniformity to the various parts and new rationality to the typology of the residential building.
The project aims to give a new life to the architectural complex, bringing the sense of decorum even to the interior fronts of the court and to the facades that project into the core of the urban isolate. This happens respecting the hierarchy of the parts and highlighting the typology of the building also through some additions, such as the new roof and the sophisticated morphology of the garden terraces that characterize the most internal and private parts of the complex with the will to dialogue with the green areas of nearby lots.
The building is equipped with a basement with box, technical and warehouse premises, a mezzanine floor for offices. All the other floors are residential with different housing types. The proposed architecture, partly bound to the existing one, is simple and is linked to the reinterpretation of the characters of the early 20th century Milan thanks to the use of materials and the composition of the façade that tend to realize the maximum linearity and minimalism with their decorative details.
The use of decorative green, both for private terraces and condominium courtyard, has been thought as a qualifying and integral element of the architecture in a full-scale decorum relationship.
YEAR: 2007-2008
TYPOLOGY: Residential
CLIENT: Paros S.r.l.
LANDSCAPE: Studio AG&P Milano
COLLABORATOR: Gabriella Cricrì