This residential complex, in Via Compagnoni, is the expression of Arassociati’s well consolidated design and organizational expertise. This project is a prime example of the architects’ professional capacity, constantly producing projects of superb quality, for both living standards and the elegant architectural design. This complex is based on the Middle-European Höfe, composed of connecting courtyards, transformed into green spaces, the contemporary equivalent of the hortus conclusus or enclosed garden.
The project is based on a well-proven system, where the front of the building completes the street facades in Via Compagnoni, while the complex is developed along the entire length of the internal site. It is composed of three buildings separated by courtyards and gardens where the greenery plays a connecting role, with walkways leading to the various buildings.
The street-front facade respects the alignment with the adjacent buildings for consistency, even maintaining the same roof pitch. In contrast, the internal buildings are designed to be strongly connected with the outdoors, with loggias, terraces, balconies and private gardens, creating a variety of green spaces together with the tree-lined courtyards and landscaped gardens.
The communal areas in the complex feature a sober elegant design, consistent with a residential complex of this quality, ensuring exclusive privacy. This begins with the vast entrance lobby accessed from Via Compagnoni, and continues through to the luxurious wellness area with its patio-solarium, excavated in the first courtyard, surrounded by the fitness gym, and swimming pool, connected to the patio through large sliding windows.
YEAR: 2017-in progress
TYPOLOGY: Residential complex
CLIENT: Compagnoni 12 Real Estate S.r.l. – Federico Consolandi
LANDSCAPE: Studio AG&P Milano
COLLABORATORS: Andrea Piatti, Marco Gualandris
Milan, Italy