The R08 residential unit boasts a privileged location within the new urban settlement of Cascina Merlata, establishing an equally engaging visual dialogue with both the ‘Boulevard’ and the central ‘Piazza’, and particularly with its views towards the City Park, characterised by irregular and rounded shapes which become the original focal point for the design of the open spaces. The theory underpinning the balconies and terraces – which, many and varied, are scattered across all sides of the buildings – directs them both towards the complex’s internal garden and outwards, towards the vast park, promoting a relationship with the green spaces, both visually appealing and usable, which becomes a fundamental element of the architecture.
As such, there is a spectacular opportunity to develop the residential space into an innovative urban and naturalistic environment in which greenery and views meld and multiply almost kaleidoscopically and in which water, already present as a supporting framework of sorts, takes the spotlight as the decorative pool at its heart. The aim is therefore to further improve the relationship of the block – dedicated to free construction – with the public park in particular, which must make full use of its potential in terms of private green spaces as well as those open to the public.
The hallmark of the R08 cluster is the Large Green Arch leading from the Boulevard into the heart of the block itself, in homage to Portaluppi’s urban architecture, which is echoed and adjusted in the new landscaping system. The architecture, meanwhile, is modelled after a clear constructive definition which picks up on the expertise of Milanese masters such as Magistretti, Mangiarotti and Gardella, in which rationalism meets elegance in interpretations of the suburban residence.
The residential complex is made up of two buildings in a line – one along the Boulevard, the other along the Piazza – a Tower, and a handful of more secluded buildings. There are plans for three levels of underground parking spanning the entire lot, with the first two serving the R08 complex and the third earmarked for the required parking spaces for hire on a rotating basis. The proposal is based on the morphological variety of the buildings and the extensive typological flexibility of the residential units, with the aim of creating a broad selection of living options: as such, the ground floors of the two buildings in line are intended to house neighbourhood commercial premises overlooking the Boulevard and the Piazza respectively, whilst the southern corner will feature a lounge bar/restaurant with views of the park, as well. On the ground level of the secluded buildings, there will be dedicated co-working spaces looking out onto the public green area, whilst the penthouse floors are set back into the roof and surrounded by panoramic, plant-lined terraces. Inside the Tower, meanwhile, is a wealth of valuable common spaces, such as a spa with swimming pool and a children’s play area, each equipped with its own private garden which, whilst separate from the public green space, exists in continuity with it. The new residential complex is designed according to the principles of environmental sustainability and energy saving, rooted in the idea of synergy between building and facilities, between architecture and engineering, with a view to comprehensive integration not only to ensure that every space can be enjoyed to the fullest, but also to optimise the energy efficiency of two worlds often treated as discrete. Specific design measures will also ensure that the building reaches the Green target.
YEAR: 2022
TIPOLOGY: Residential complex
CLIENT: Euromilano
LANDSCAPE: Studio Bortolotti
COLLABORATORS: Cecilia Bottoni, Francesca da Pozzo, Luca Lazzari
RENDERING: Solum Studio
Milan, Italy