The regeneration project proposes a possible territorial transformation that will be sustainable and preserve continuity with the agricultural history of the places. In a synergy between private ventures and public services, it will create a true environmental and productive development which will help resolve the incoherencies and problems of the territory both locally and on the larger scale. The new project, while respecting the territorial north-south grid and existing local roads, identifies three areas of intervention: “techno,” “agro” and the “radio court”.
The “techno area” houses tertiary and productive activities in new modular buildings which emphasize, with their geometries on different planes, the north-south pattern of the existing system of agriculture. The parking areas, bordering the A8 motorway (Autostrada dei Laghi), are raised above grade in order to screen the complex from its noise.
The “agro area,” the farmland, lying between the avenue and the Taiolo spring, has as its function the new agricultural activity, which envisages regenerated farming activities integrated into a publicly accessible park with educational functions. The third pole, the “radio court,” hosts the service functions for the sector and for visitors, with areas designated for medium-term accommodation, catering and the well-being of the person.
The internal cycle paths, the environmental restoration of the spring and the new irrigation network drawing water from the new Villoresi- Expo canal, are functional works serving the three lots and acting in synergy with the projects of Expo 2015.
YEAR: 2011-Work in progress
LOCATION: Arese – Milan
TYPOLOGY: Technological, agricultural and service park development masterplan
CLIENT: Agricola Cascina Radio S.r.l.
PLAN OF GREEN SPACES: Studio Banfi & Pezzetta and
Studio AG&P Milano COLLABORATOR: Giovannino Casu
Milan, Italy

Master Planning