Irkutsk, Siberia, Russia
Located in Irkutsk’s main shopping street in the old town, the new Benetton store sits amongst the late- nineteenth century architecture typical of this part of the Siberian city, which features an alternation of extremely simple buildings with more accentuated parts, blending styles borrowed mainly from the European Belle Epoque. The contrasting styles are drawn harmoniously together by the alignment of the stringcourses and eaves, which adapts to suit each individual building.
In this Siberian “mean street”, the façade is the one true architectural feature of the building, with a completely original style deriving from the use of materials, proportions, partitions and bright colours to contrast the icy monochrome tones of the endless winter.
An architecture of colours , in the sense that it is broken down into its constituent parts, just as crystals break down white light into a multitude of coloured particles.
The facade is seen as a great, radiant lattice covering two floors, and consisting of six regularly-shaped areas matching the height of the existing buildings. A classic yet modern order, in which the system of store windows and entrances is inserted, and on which the brand signs look like adornments when viewed from the street.
YEAR: 2008-2011
LOCATION: Irkutsk, Siberia, Russia
TYPOLOGY: Office & retail
CLIENT: Real Estate Russia ZAO
COLLABORATOR: Simone De Capitani
Siberia, Russia, Irkutsk

Office & Retail