The construction of the pavilion was the result of careful reflection on the themes of sustainability and the re-use of temporary structures. The pavilion was designed to be dismantled; thanks to its mortarless, almost totally dry assembly, the 2015 Milan Expo Pavilion focussed on flexibility as the main core of the project, in both its formal aspect as well as the spatial distribution that provides for different functional layouts after its relocation to another site. The structure is arranged on three levels, the first two being dedicated to the exhibition’s main themes relating to Azerbaijan’s culture and bio-climates. The third floor contains a terrace restaurant.
The concept of flexibility is linked with the variety in the project design that inspired the three large glass biospheres encased in the different levels, symbolizing the extremely rich culture and biodiversity of the country. The first biosphere features the variety in the landscape, the second the country’s biodiversity, and the third, the cultural heritage and innovation being promoted to benefit new generations.
The pavilion is built with traditional Azerbaijan materials, like wood and glass, created with innovative techniques and combined with glass and metal. The entire project is based on eco-sustainable concepts, using construction technology and low energy consumption materials, all able to be recycled. Another aspect with great impact is the outer shell composed of curved wooden slats in an undulating pattern surrounding three sides of the structure, leaving the north side open.
As well as an allusion to the wind that is a strong element in Azerbaijan, the movement also refers to the cultures of the many peoples who have always crossed this land, a crossroad in the region. The shell’s wooden slats are applied in different patterns on each facade, providing energy exchange between the exterior and interior for passive microclimatic control, and creating an effect of transparency and light that penetrates the whole pavilion.
YEAR: 2014-2015
TYPOLOGY: Exhibition pavilion
CLIENT: Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan
WITH: Simmetrico Network
LANDSCAPE: Studio AG&P Milano
COLLABORATORS: Giulia Zambon, Maurizio Fagiuoli
Milan, Italy

Public Buildings